• Looking for a

    complete alternative

    investment solution?

    Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund

    is designed as a complete alternative

    investment solution, providing exposure

    to a mature private investments portfolio complemented

    by a diversified hedged investments portfolio.

  • Looking for a solution

    to manage equity market volatility?

    The Hatteras Disciplined Opportunity Fund

    is designed to diversify equity portfolios by

    helping volatility-sensitive investors stay active in the markets.

  • Why should I allocate

    to alternatives?

    By investing in alternative strategies,

    investors may achieve additional risk

    mitigation and potential return


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What’s Next for the Stock Market?

As the stock market comes off all time highs, many Financial Advisors are concerned about what the future may hold. ...

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Fund Commentary
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  • Managed Futures Strategies

    The Fund returned -0.13% for the quarter, outperforming the HFRX Macro: Systematic Diversified CTA Index by +0.29%.  While the return for the quarter appears relatively muted, the strategy benefited...

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  • Disciplined Opportunity Fund

    On Thursday, June 23rd, citizens of the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union free trade zone (“Brexit”). The decision sent shock waves throughout global equity markets, with the S&P...

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  • Long/Short Equity

    The Fund gained +1.75% in the second quarter, outperforming the HFRX Equity Hedge Index by +2.77%.  Notably, the strategy generated gains from both long and short positions during the quarter. ...

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Mutual Funds Daily Performance as of
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News & Events
Event 27 Sep 2016
Hatteras Funds Hires Managing Director of Business Strategy

Hatteras announced that Robert Brown has rejoined the firm as Managing Director of Business Strategy.

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News 2 May 2016
Hatteras Funds Enhances Managed Futures Strategies Fund

Hatteras Funds announced today that it has restructured its Managed Futures Strategies Fund (HMFIX) in order to provide greater transparency and reduce overall fund expenses.

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