• Looking for a

    complete, turnkey

    alternatives allocation?

    Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund

    is designed as a complete, turnkey,

    alternative investments allocation

    offering exposure to 5 hedge fund strategies.

  • Do you need a

    solution to manage

    volatile interest rates?

    Hatteras Long/Short Debt Fund is

    designed to diversify and mitigate risk,

    including interest rate risk, within your

    bond allocation.

  • Looking for a solution

    to manage volatility in

    your stock allocation?

    Hatteras Long/Short Equity Fund seeks

    to diversify and mitigate drawdowns

    within your stock allocation.

  • Why should I allocate

    to alternatives?

    By investing in alternative strategies,

    investors may achieve additional risk

    mitigation and potential return


Spotlight | Conversation Starters
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The Power of Losing Less

What if markets continue to run? What if they don’t? Protecting client portfolios during market volatility is key to...

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Alternative Insights
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Alternative Insights1Q 2015

Alternative Fund Folly #2: All Long/ Short Equity Funds Are The Same

Anytime I meet an investor who owns a Long/Short Equity fund, the first question I’m apt to ask them is: What role does it serve in your portfolio? You would be surprised how many times they struggle...

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Fund Commentary
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  • Core Alternatives Fund

    The Hatteras Core Alternatives Institutional Fund, L.P. (“Core Alternatives Fund” or “Fund”) posted gains of +0.4% in the fourth quarter, outperforming the HFRX Global Hedge, which declined -1.7%...

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  • Long/Short Debt

    After finishing 2013 as a top performer in its peer group, the Long/Short Debt Fund faced three unforeseen headwinds in 2014 – interest rates bucked expectations and declined steadily across the globe,...

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  • Alpha Hedged Strategies

    Last year was a challenging one for most alternative funds as the markets confronted some reasonable and widely held assumptions going into the year. Stocks continued to push the upper bounds of historical...

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Mutual Funds Daily Performance as of 04/24/2015
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News & Events
Event 04 Feb 2015
Hatteras Core Alternatives Fund Year in Review and Outlook WebEx

Please join Mark Yusko and Frank Burke for a review of the Fund’s 2014 performance and outlook for 2015.

News 27 Apr 2015
IMCA 2015 Annual Conference

Please join Hatteras Funds at the IMCA 2015 Annual Conference at booth #503 in the Exhibit Hall.