• Looking for a

    complete, turnkey

    alternatives allocation?

    Hatteras Alpha Hedged Strategies Fund

    is designed as a complete, turnkey,

    alternative investments allocation

    offering exposure to 5 hedge fund strategies.

  • Do you need a

    solution to manage

    volatile interest rates?

    Hatteras Long/Short Debt Fund is

    designed to diversify and mitigate risk,

    including interest rate risk, within your

    bond allocation.

  • Looking for a solution

    to manage volatility in

    your stock allocation?

    Hatteras Long/Short Equity Fund seeks

    to diversify and mitigate drawdowns

    within your stock allocation.

  • Why should I allocate

    to alternatives?

    By investing in alternative strategies,

    investors may achieve additional risk

    mitigation and potential return


Spotlight | Conversation Starters
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What’s Next for the Stock Market?

As the stock market comes off all time highs, many Financial Advisors are concerned about what the future may hold. ...

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Alternative Insights
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Alternative Insights

Things We Know That Just Ain’t So #3: All Multialternative Funds Are The Same

With stock valuations near all-time highs and bond prices threatened by an impending rate-hike cycle, Financial Advisors are increasingly turning to multi-strategy alternative mutual funds for portfolio...

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Fund Commentary
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  • Disciplined Opportunity

    The S&P 500 experienced its first 10%+ correction since 2011, falling roughly 12% on a peak-to-trough basis. The S&P 500’s 6.4% loss in the third quarter was its largest drop since the third...

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  • Core Alternatives Fund

    The Hatteras Core Alternatives Institutional Fund, L.P. (Core Alternatives Fund) is designed as a complete alternative investment solution. The Fund provides diversified exposure to Private Investments...

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  • Alpha Hedged Strategies

    U.S. stocks turned in their worst and most volatile performance since 2011 in the third quarter, with the S&P 500 Total Return Index plunging -6.44%. A number of developments during the quarter...

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Mutual Funds Daily Performance as of 11/25/2015
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News & Events
Event 24 Aug 2015
Hatteras Funds Hires Two Alternative Investment Specialists and National Accounts Executive

“All three are specialized in alternative investments and are passionate about helping advisors build better portfolios,” said Michael J. Hutten, President of Distribution

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News 10 Nov 2015
Hatteras Funds Establishes Independence from RCS Capital

Hatteras Funds re-establishes itself as a 100% employee owned alternative investment boutique

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